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Personalized workouts plans

Your personal coach will create your plan based on your current fitness level and body goals.

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We offer plant-based nutrition guidance designed to be both enjoyable and effective for your fitness goals!

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You understand and agree that you must commit your time, energy, and finances to make your vision a reality. We show you the way, but you have the power!

You care about your mental and physical health, and you are committed to your own growth

You belong in a community that values showing compassion for all beings and living in harmony with our environment


I’m an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, bikini competitor, wife, and mom to three funny, kind-hearted, and energetic kids. I ‘ve also worked full-time outside of my home for the entire 8 years I ‘ve been a parent, so struggling to find time to take care of myself is not a foreign concept in my world!

In fact, I didn’t take my health and fitness seriously until I was a whole 34 years old. Like many of my clients who have families, I found myself caught up in the responsibilities of family and career, and before I knew it, I was neglecting my physical, mental, and emotional health. Does this sound like a familiar story? I was the heaviest I had ever been, and I didn’t feel like myself anymore.

One day I was conversing with a friend, and I heard myself make a joke about how I was accepting that I am aging and “letting myself go.” Saying those words felt awful! It was truly a wake-up call. That night I decided I needed to COMMIT to change the path I was on, because I was not ready to be defeated.

Shortly thereafter, I honored this commitment to myself by enrolling in a vegan fitness program. The coach assigned to help me with my transformation was none other than Coach Sol! This is how the universe brought us together. I spent one magical year with her, and little by little my whole relationship with myself began changing. I began to see myself as worthy of my own time and energy. I began to feel happier, more inclined to play, and I showed my kids and husband how to better take care of their health, too. And guess what? Exactly one year after starting my journey, I found the confidence to get on stage in a bikini and compete in a bodybuilding contest!

Can you believe it? From thinking my health was no longer a priority, to completely transforming my mindset, I proved to myself and everyone around me that we ALL deserve to be happy and healthy.

Now, it is my greatest pleasure and honor in life to use my experience to coach others, helping them become confident and strong in themselves. If you have come to a place in life where you ‘re feeling stuck or defeated, please remember this story, and know that you have the power to change your life. Start prioritizing your health and happiness, because you deserve it!

HI!🤗 i am COACH sol

My name is Sol and I am from Argentina, Buenos Aires. Born in June, 1991. I am currently living abroad with my husband Gabriel.
I want to tell you my story and how I got where I am now.

Before pursuing a career in the fitness world, I was working as a Scuba Diving Instructor with him in Mexico. This is how we met and that’s why we travel so much.

When the COVID-19 pandemic happened, I had to rebuild my life. I couldn’t work as a Scuba Instructor anymore, so I decided to dedicate my time to study and become a profesional in the Fitness Industry. I have always loved sports and everything related to them. I play football (soccer), volleyball, paddle, ping pong, I do swimming and more.

Since I was a child, I have always had a special connection with sports. They have not only helped me to improve myself, but also to meet incredible people from whom I learned a lot, and I am still learning. Staying active is very important for having a healthy body and mind. It is part of a healthy life along with a proper and conscious diet, and that’s why I am here!

I became a personal trainer and sport nutritionist in 2020, and for 3 years I have worked as a fitness coach for an online coaching company. The Universe gave me the best gift from this job: my dear friend and partner Brenna. She was my client back then :). After working for more than a year together, we became really good friends and had a very similar goal in life: The desire to help others to be better and happier (sharing our knowledge) as we did with ourselves.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a very empathetic person, and that brought me some troubles in the past. I used to be more empathetic with others than with myself, and that led me to work on my personal development and self-esteem a lot.
Today, I’ve evolved and I am continuously evolving day by day to be the best version of myself 🙂
I believe that we, as humans, should never lose the desire to keep growing. And here we are: that’s basically how “GROW FIT JOURNEY” was born.
To me, Grow is not only an online coaching program. It is the result of many years of effort and work where I can put all my personal learnings and give the best of myself to help others to conquer their lives from a healthy and conscious place <3
​Now I am inviting you to travel through your life journey with us. We are 2 women ready to give you the skills you need to become the best version of yourself while you enjoy, learn, and contribute with your own special strengths to help others during the process.
We work every day in making this possible, learning and developing our skills as coaches, friends, and human beings.
We also have the help of professionals in the mental health field, because we consider that being mentally healthy is the key to make it all work.
If you made it this far reading, don’t wait any longer and give yourself the opportunity to be part of something INCREDIBLE and keep growing.

Let’s do it!!!
With love,